Educational Activities

Astronomy provides the best laboratory for all sciences. It is crucial to understand life we live and the universe. Therefore, it plays an important role in each and every level of a youngster’s education. From this point of view, Ankara University Observatory tries to meet demands coming from educational institutes and give presentations to make students understand the basic principles of science much more easily. For the first time in its history, Ankara University Observatory organized a summer school for people from all ages and all education levels in its campus from 13th to 17th of August, 2007. Moreover, our observatory prepares visual material, like CD’s and posters, which it sees as a deficiency in education of youngsters who can use them as supplementary source in schools and at their home. To inform people about the astronomical subjects and events, our staff has prepared declarations, speeches and announcements to public, has written for popular magazines, newspapers and journals and has given interviews to press, radio stations, and television channels. These materials are especially prepared for elementary and high School, and undergraduate level university students.







Educational program are divided into two parts:

1. Invited Conferences,
2. Group visits to the Observatory

Kindergarten: Our closest neighbors on the sky, the Sun and the Moon are introduced. Visual images of cloudless nights with stars and planets are presented.

Elementary School: Informations about night and day, seasons, rainbow and the blue sky are given. The members of our Solar system and their physical properties are shown through visual images. Information on sky objects (stars, galaxies) beyond the Solar System is also presented.

High School: The place of the Earth in our Solar system and the motion of the planets are explained with Kepler’s Law. Information about extra-solar planets is presented with visual images.

University: Astronomy is one of the oldest science branches and technology used to do it is developing rapidly. Panels and meetings on building blocks of matter to Space voyages are arranged and popular visual images are presented.

Public and private organizations interested in Astronomy can participate in the activites written above.


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