Special Events

There are astronomical events, that a human being can observe only a couple of times if not once in his/her entire life. These events are not exactly periodic or have long periods. Lunar and solar eclipses, planet transitions, oppostions or occultations, comet approaches and meteor showers are a few examples of such occasions. Our observatory organizes special activities for such events that arouse interest amongst people. Besides, scientific information regarding these events and the activities of the observatory are announced to public via media and press. On the day of the event, in addition to observations, presentations and panels on the special occasion and other interesting subjects in astronomy are organized. In this context, our observatory hosted 6000 people in August, 2003 when Mars was in opposition and 3000 people in June, 2004 at the time of Venus transit. Venus transit was broadcasted live on the internet through the observatory’s web site. In this way, a lot of people had the chance to witness this rare astronomical event even if they didn’t have the chance to visit the observatory.