Astronomy Summer School

The Astronomy Summer School has been annually held in June/July by Ankara University Kreiken Observatory (AUKR) since 2014. This Astronomy Summer School is organized for 5th, 6th and 7th grade students. The aim of the Astronomy Summer School is to improve the participants’ scientific curiosity, questioning, and interpretation skills about celestial bodies and astronomical events. In the Astronomy Summer School, the astronomical knowledge is provided through visual materials, workshops, and interesting applications. It is possible for the participants to accompany the night sky observations conducted in AUKR.

Astronomy Summer School is held at Ankara University Kreiken Observatory. The event includes the following topics and applications:

Observatory tour
Introduction to Celestial Objects
Making a Sundial
Museum Tour
Solar Observation with the Coronado Telescope
Solar Spots
Jupiter Moons
Solar Flares!
Night Observation
Naked Eye Sky Observation
Solar and Stellar Systems
Make Scaled Models of Our Solar System
Journey to Mars
Let’s Make Rockets
Moon and Phases
Lunar and Solar Eclipses
How to Observe?
Obtaining Observation Results
Let’s Touch a Comet!
Visible and Daily Motion of Celestial Objects
Construct a Telescope Mirror
Let’s Make a Telescope!
Simple Spectrograph Model
Spectral Observation with a Telescope
The Life of the Stars
Death of the Stars: Black Holes
Make Your Own Galaxy!
Zodiac and Constellations
Hand Planetarium
3D Constellations
Construction of a Sky Atlas
Night Sky Observation
Building the Zodiac game
Free Time (Basketball, Football, Volleyball)

You can find photos of past events here.

For more detailed information, you can visit our Astronomy Summer School website.